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Dr. Logan Reiter DDS

Dr. Logan Reiter DDS

Dr. Logan Reiter looks forward to seeing you at Trailhead Advanced Dentistry. He has worked hard to bring his vision to life for many years and is eager to share it.

Dr. Reiter was raised in the mountains near his family. He received a bachelor’s in biology from West Virginia University and minored in Mountaineer Football watching. After graduating West Virginia University, Dr. Reiter received an acceptance to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. This was the first dental school ever in the United States and the most advanced dental school. He earned several awards during his time there and was given advanced opportunities. His highest achievement was to be ranked number one in his class of 120 students at the time he graduated.

But this was only the beginning of his real education. Since starting his dental practice, Dr. Reiter’s advanced training has spanned hundreds of hours in all areas of dentistry. He is nearing the completion of his Fellowship status with the Academy of General Dentistry. The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is where he is currently undergoing training. Additional courses were dedicated to advanced cosmetics and root canal treatments, as well as dental implant training. He is a certified Invisalign Provider. He shows no signs of slowing his training down!

You can often find Dr. Reiter by the pool with Tanya, his wife (also a dental student whom he met in dental school), their daughter Finnley, and when he is not working. In the spring, they’ll be welcoming a new member to their family! He’s most likely on the golfing course.

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